URBAN ReStyle is located in the old Wallace Armor Building on Erie Blvd, in the heart of Downtown Schenectady. Our entrance is located on Bodenstab lane, behind the Cigar Shop, and to the left of Isopos Pizza.  It is a furniture, antique, and salvage store that has high goals of providing Schenectady with the rarest, and most uniquie pieces in town. 

John M. Notar is founder and owner of URBAN ReStyle. Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, he is a local to Schenectady. John has been in the antique and furniture business for the past eight years. Last November, he purchased the old Wallace Armor building in hopes of expanding his retail space.

Since then, he has been providing Schenectady and the neighboring towns and cities with his clean out service. Clean-Out-King is his other business, one that offers people a hand when faced with a hard move or loss. Our moves feed our store, so the furniture you see here has many different lineages. Some are from clean-outs, other form estate sales. Not one piece is the same, they each have a history of their own. 

Our moving team is a rotation of strong young men who make sure to do each move with the patience and care vintage items require. Once in store, we treat all wood and leather with the finest oil and insure a safe, protected place for them to rest until purchased. 

URBAN ReStyle strives to keep our 8,000 square foot store packed with only the best furniture. We hand select our items and make sure to have brand names like Thomasville, Stickly, Martinville, Beals, Nautica, and more.

We know that everyone has their own style so we try out best to provide a diverse selection of aesthetics to our customers. Our styles include but are not limited to Primitive, Colonial, Mid-Century-Modern, Retro, Asian, and Contemporary. 


URBAN ReStyle is here to provide the best of the best to Schenectady and surrounding areas! We try to always offer the lowest price we can, and have monthly deals to save our customers money. Our turnover rate is at least bi-monthly, meaning we almost always have new inventory! 

We hope this has helped you gain a better understanding of who we are and what we have! 

We are always happy to answer any questions, our contact info can be found on the "Contact Us" page.